Spring 2022

Most Fringe Banners are currently set as a preorder and will ship about 14-20 business days from your purchase date. If you have a certain date in mind, please upgrade your shipping and feel free to touch base with me prior to your purchase. For pieces needing to ship out less than 2 weeks from the purchase date, a rush fee will apply. 

Any questions, as always, get in touch! 💖




--------------- * An Important Message * Covid-19 Updates Below*

March 16th, 2021

So it's been a year. Need to say that because it feels like a decade and also yesterday. What else is new? Not much? 

I am so grateful for your support over this year. As we continue to move forward in time, I am hopeful things will get better, although slowly, they will. Hmm, maybe I should not be writing this when I'm sleepy..

I'll try to make things a bit more upbeat- New things are coming soon! And I am trying to figure out a way to get ahead of orders and have some pieces actually in stock, ready to ship.

Some pieces are going to be discontinued. I rarely do this, but it's part of the new plan and I want to keep things fresh! If you'd like to add these sunsetting pieces to your collection, you must do so before 12am PST Saturday.

Currently, pieces are still shipping at least 14 days after the purchase date. I am working slow, but hard. Sometimes it feels like I am walking through wet cement? Perhaps you have felt that too during these times? If you need something ASAP, please do reach out to me as soon as you can (ideally prior to purchase), but please note for purchases needed in less than 14 days, there is a rush fee in addition to the cost of any speedy mail service you may need. 

I hope you are all doing so well. I am looking forward to sunnier days! Please catch up with me on Instagram (I swear I'm going to post there again soon).




December 9th, 2020

Working as fast as I can to get all orders placed prior to December 5th out by the 17th. If you are still hoping to place an order, contact me and I will see what I can do, there will be a rush fee and you may want to use a Priority Express / Overnight.

If you are totally fine with placing an order to receive after the holidays, please take advantage of 15% off and use code: AFTERXMAS This code is good until December 22nd.

Chicago friends, you are in luck since you can shop a collection of Fringe Banners in person at Festive Collective up until Xmas Eve! 

As always, any questions, please reach out! I hope your holidays are off to a super fun and healthy start!



November 10, 2020

Wow! Can you believe the holidays are upon us? Things may look different this year but FUN CULT is ready to make the indoors cozy and bright, and your Zoom background the most sparkly. Most pieces are entirely handmade, and the USPS has been a little behind, so it is highly suggested that you order as soon as you are able. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or general holiday cheer. If you are in the Chicagoland area, perhaps you'd like to pick up your order via the FUN CULT studio at Festive Collective? If you are new to Festive Collective, you are in for a TREAT! We are located at 3279 W. Armitage, Chicago Il 60647. Contact me for a special code to bypass shipping and coordinate your pick up!

That's all for now!





August 2, 2020

Hi! How are you lately? I am glad and thankful to be pretty busy with work, but I can't help but feel like I'm working hard, yet am doing so in slow motion. Does that make any sense? Things are definitely still weird. Getting things done and figuring things out as fast as I can, happy to take your custom orders anytime-- but I am considering changing things up a bit and having 2 days a month where I take custom orders? This may help me to streamline everything and get things out to you quicker. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this?

In other news, tees seem to be shipping out about 4 weeks from your purchase date. I'll try to update this as that changes (to hopefully be speedier). If you have any questions about anything please feel free to reach out before you order.

I hope you are all doing well. Please make sure you are registered to vote.




June 15, 2020:

Hi friends, wow a lot has and is happening since the original March 25 note. I hope that you all are doing well, are safe, and keeping strong.

I am so thankful for the little community that FUN CULT has, and I am excited to get back to making things at a fairly normal rate. Supplies are pretty steady and not too hard to acquire at the moment, so I am working on finishing a few orders that had been waiting on supplies during the quarantine, and I am able to accept new orders at the usual 7-14 day pre-order! Hooray! As always if you have any questions, just ask! 

Love to all of you!



March 25, 2020:

Hi Friends, I hope you and your loved ones are well. As you may know, FUN CULT is run solely by me, Caitlin (Hi!). I am just now finding the time, energy, and decent mindset to try to convey some type of plan for the current climate. I had first thought that I needed to set aside my business for now because I could not imagine pretending like everything is "normal". However, upon working on current orders, I have remembered how much peace and happiness it brings me (hello, obviously!). And of course, quite frankly, the money it provides is very important to truly keep on keepin' on.

So! I am still taking orders, however I think it is only fair to be open and say that I cannot with 100% certainty say when they will ship. Ordering supplies has been touch and go as a lot of these companies are focusing on more important things (staying home..mask supplies..back ordered from their own source.. etc). So I'm getting what I can, when I can. The good news is that, if you are familiar with buying from FUN CULT, a LOT of stuff is constantly on pre-order anyway as I work to keep up with everything (hi, again, it's me, having fun as a party of 1). So, hopefully this delay will not be a huge inconvenience. I will do my best to contact you a few days before your item will ship, so that you are prepared. If you'd like to talk with me before you order, just to touch base or ask any questions, please feel free to email me. I strongly suggest this if you are looking to have a piece arrive in time for a special occasion (video chat party?) or to send as a gift.

I am a person who must take immune-suppressants, so I am being very cautious right now and staying in as much as possible. For the time being I will only be doing US orders. I'm not currently taking International orders because from what I understand, I am unfortunately not set up to create labels and ship these from home. If this changes I will let you know.

Regarding FUN CULT tees, mugs, totes, pillows, and phone cases: As of 3/25/20 these items are still available. Shipping times may increase by a couple days.

As of 3/25/20 when you place an order here it will be assumed that you have read and are agree with this current agenda. Any updates will be added and dated on this page.

Thank you for your continued support. It makes me smile and goes right to my heart. I hope you are constantly hugging those you are quarantined with and if you are solo I hope you're taking time for things you love. If we are able to slow down a bit, that is a LOT to be grateful for right now.

All the best + good health,