Way Too Extroverted For This - mug


Maybe you should take a break from caffeine?

FUN CULT has shown its love for introverts, well now it's time to appreciate all of the Extroverts who are taking it for the team and staying home day after day, night after night! Thank goodness we're all in this together (thank goodness for the internet) or the FOMO would just be too great.

Treat yourself with the recognition you deserve or send it to your extroverted pal.

Works well for office Zoom meetings if you're usually the one who brings everyone together with your humor...  A good piece to take a chill selfie with, then send it to that certain person who can't get it through their head to stay home and flatten the curve (if you can do it, Extrovert, we ALL can).

• 11oz
• Ceramic
• Dishwasher and microwave safe