Tennis Birthday Fringe Banner (various styles)


A special birthday Fringe Banner for special tennis birthdays and other fun life events! Choose from:

● LOVE-LOVE: Use it for every day decor or as a fun way to celebrate new beginnings in life, on and off the court (engagement, to college, etc) .
● 5-Love: sneaking this one in for the lil prodigies! 
● 15, 30, or 40-LOVE: for those big birthdays!
● and even MATCH POINT for the long timers- or you know, for any special birthday outside of game scoring. MATCH POINT can also be used to celebrate big deal occasions like graduation, retirement, career goals, tournament wins..

● Hangs down about 4 inches, length varies by style. Clay or Club Green fringe from a white cord secured with silver flower sequins. Handwritten letters painted and glittered to resemble the lines in a tennis court. All letter O's are replaced by the tennis ball shape.


⋱⋰⋱🎾 FUN CULT invites you to join The Love-Love Club! Inspired by tennis styles from various decades, it's a fun little collection named after a fictional clubhouse we dreamed up, most likely established in the late 50s.. Then and now, it's a club for all types of players, from country clubs to community recs, public school courts to driveway nets. 
The best things begin with love!


Take me to any party!

These banners are made of quality materials that allow it to hang with some weight and substance. They are designed to be impulsive and fun, yet they are made to last and can be used occasion after occasion, and as a home decor statement. I care about your banner needs and my letters will not crease, bend, bleed, or worse yet tear. If you choose to hang it outside at a celebration, should the clouds come out, a little drizzle will not harm it. Basically, it's your party and you can cry of you want to, but it won't be over a wilting banner!

Have we met before?

Fun Cult's Fringe Banners have been seen and written up in super cool places like New York Magazine's The Cut, Nylon Magazine Daily, Lena Dunham's most recent book tour, Refinery29, TeenVogue, Domino and Martha Stewart's Wedding Blog!

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