FUN CULT is currently most known for creating the Glittering Fringe Banners, introduced in late 2010. There's no denying their possibilities of fun- they're like an instant shrine to the good times! Caitlin Holcomb, founder, currently operates FUN CULT outside of Chicago.

photo of Caitlin Holcomb in her Fun Cult studio


Hi! I'm Caitlin and I've been here (on the internet) for a while. I began as Nice ( ) in 2005 selling handmade and vintage pieces 3 months after Etsy launched. Years later, after a sudden health challenge (more on that at the bottom), I realized it was a good time to create a new life for my handmade work. In May of 2013 I did so by relaunching my brand as FUN CULT. The name is inspired by an inside joke from the very early 2000s, when hang outs with friends somehow started to be labeled as part of the fictional C.F.C.. This, of course, stands for "Caitlin's Fun Cult". Activities included impromptu road trips, college parties we'd often leave early from, taco nights, record shopping, lots of movie watching, endless thrift stores, searching for a perfect diner, lots of concerts (shows)..basically, I've always enjoyed including all of my friends and if the CFC were to have had a tag line, it could have been 'the more the merrier'..or more like, 'just come, it will be fun!'


FUN CULT likes to celebrate the silly inside jokes of best friends, random family traditions, super custom party themes, favorite lyrics and know, all of the special things that bond you with your people. All of us are part of a fun cult of some sort!  Represent with FUN CULT’s original handmade home decor + party pieces.


In late 2019 FUN CULT became part of Festive Collective and set up a studio space within the shop. It was a super fun and inspiring time! In the summer of 2022, Festive Collective Logan Square had to move locations and a studio space in this new space was not in the cards. So, FUN CULT is now located 50 minutes outside of the city in the town I grew up in (as a Michigan native, although I have now spent most of my life in Illinois, it is my duty to inform you here that my heart is still in the mitten state). Anyway, FUN CULT is now set up in an old YWCA overlooking a winding river and nestled among several coffee shops. 


It may sound obvious, but all products from FUN CULT / Nice have been and are my own original product. I am intuitive to and inspired by trends, but I do not create my pieces identical to trendy or commonly seen crafts. A lot of daydreaming, designing, and hard work go into creating each idea and FUN CULT piece. I want my customers to be able to spot a FUN CULT piece when they see one- and you know what? It's worked! I truly believe that this contributes to the specialness of this handmade brand.

My ideas seem to come in spurts. I have a list and sketchbook that I keep on my tablet and phone, as well as a couple notebooks here and there.  I’m very much inspired by the random things in life that become home decor.  You know, things like a souvenir party favor you keep on your desk, a movie ticket stub that sits in your ring dish, or a favorite printed scarf that you prefer to keep in view rather than tuck away. It's these things that really make a space your home and I like to think I create pieces that reflect, and easily fit into, such an effortlessly cool aesthetic.


Handmade and vintage items by Nice have been featured on many blogs and magazines including ROOKIE, Domino, Decor8, Martha Stewart Weddings, Refinery29, Nylon, Mollie Makes, Poppy Talk, Craft Zine, and New York Magazine's The Cut.  See more via this link. FUN CULT pieces can be found in the cutest shops in your neighborhood as well as large well known places like Catbird and Urban Outiftters.


To keep a very long and trying story short, on Valentine's Day 2012 I went to the ER thinking I had a bad flu.  Instead I found out, quite randomly, that I had kidney failure. It was a huge shock and a huge immediate life change. After running Nice for 7 years, I had to put the shop on hold and concentrate on my health. I still do not have a definite answer as to what caused my kidney failure (it seems it was a virus that had attacked me 10 years prior). I was required to have 4 hour dialysis treatments 3 days a week at a local facility. It was a really hard a bad dream, and I am so grateful for the support from family and friends. I had quite a few loved ones try to be my donor (still amazing to me), but for all sorts of reasons, it just was not meant to be..until in April of 2014 a childhood best friend came forward and was accepted to be my kidney donor and lifesaver. I will forever be in awe of her whole being. Today I am doing well (And so is she! har har). I was very fortunate that the ordeal only lasted about 2 yearsI just am so grateful to my friend for giving me the ability to get back to a healthy life. All of this is to say, if you have any questions about organ donation or if you're in need of a transplant and would like to chat- send me a message. 💚

Some Past work: