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Overthinker Fringe Banner

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Overthinker Fringe Banner by FUN CULT
Overthinker Fringe Banner by FUN CULT
Overthinker Fringe Banner by FUN CULT
Hang this in your dorm room or office and embrace your inner monologue.. Or hang it in view, maybe in the meeting room, and let it give your coworkers a heads up that you're, well, thoughtful.
- pre-order -  this piece will ship out about 2 weeks from your purchase date.

● stark white fringe hangs from a shimmering cord secured with silver flower sequins. The letters are in my own handwriting, hand painted and edged in a fine black glitter. 
● These banners are made of quality materials that allow it to hang with some weight and substance. They are designed to be impulsive and fun, yet they are made to last and can be used occasion after occasion, and as a home decor statement. I care about your banner needs and my letters will not crease, bend, bleed, or worse yet tear. If you choose to hang it outside at a celebration, should the clouds come out, a little drizzle will not harm it. Basically, it's your party and you can cry of you want to, but it won't be over a wilting banner!
● About 23 inches across, plus additional cord, and hangs down about 4 inches.

● I created the Fringe Banners in late 2010 and I am happy to say they are quite the hit! Fun Cult's Fringe Banners have been seen in such awesome places as Lena Dunham's Not That Kind Of Girl book tour, and written up in super cool places like ROOKIE, New York Magazine's The Cut, Nylon Magazine Daily, Refinery29, Poppytalk, and Martha Stewart's Wedding Blog!

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